One bite is never enough 

I made some cookies today… and I was just going to give my son a bite. Turns out just one bite is not enough. He took the cookie from me and took another bite then pretended he was going to give me a bite… and then he pulled away and giggled about it. He can be cute even if he is being a terror. 

Moral of the story, just give your kid a damn cookie and deal with the sugar rush 😝

When I was a kid

bumble_bee4This image is not mine.


When I was a kid and I mean a little kid, I remember singing a song on the playground with my friends and it goes…

” I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee. Won’t my mommy be proud of me. I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee. Oops! He stung me.”

I have no clue how I remembered something from 14 years ago and something so small nonetheless, but I am glad this prompt took me back to my childhood for a few minutes.

What in the world do I do

So it’s Wednesday and I feel so lost it’s the fifth day without my little boy. Colt is currently with his father six hours away and it’s so hard. I miss him constantly and most the day I just sit in my chair and wonder… WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I SUPPOSED TO DO! Normally I will contemplate going for a run, but who am I kidding, I’ll just eat a bowl of icecream instead and binge watch shameless. #thelife There really is no point to this post but to let the parents out their know, don’t take advantage of the time with your kiddos.


Meet the fam

IMG_2385 (2)My name is Cheyenne and I am 20 years old.  My husband Max, is also 20 years old. We have a son Colt who is 20 months old. He is a little spit fire red head and we love him dearly. Sadly Colt is not our first child together, but that is besides the point. We are a happy happy happy family and God has blessed us in more ways than we could imagine. I don’t want to get too much in to our story yet because nap times only last so long, but I did want to introduce my family to you all.